Business Quality policy



G Neely Construction is committed to being an ethically and morally responsible company. We aim to to provide construction products and services to our clients in a way that continually satisfies their needs and expectations whilst meeting all statutory and regulatory requirements.

A key tool to achieving this objective is our Quality Management System which we have developed to meet the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015. We as Senior Management have overall responsibility for the QMS and are committed to engaging, directing and supporting anyone who may contribute to its effectiveness.

In developing this system, we have adopted a process approach and considered both risk and opportunity. We aim to continually improve the Quality Management System and will do so by regular review and by the setting of quality objectives that are in line with our strategic direction and business goals.

We are committed to providing a safe and resourced working environment and in return we expect workers and sub-contractors to implement the processes and procedures described in our Quality Management System and to subscribe to the values communicated in this policy. To this end, all workers and subcontractors are advised of this policy during site-specific inductions and are encouraged to raise any issues regarding quality management.

Signed: Gregory Neely

Date: 10/06/2017